Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 267

Wow… this is the very first time I make a post here!

I don’t know if I could attract more readers here than in my other blogs, but even if I couldn’t, wouldn’t it be good if I devote this blog to my ACG sharings?

So, let me get to the topic today: Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 267.

Perhaps it is an excellent chapter for me to start blogging on the series. The Athena saga has come to an end, and the new story has not yet begun. For the readers, this chapter might serve as a short break, and for me, a warm-up. Throughout the Athena saga, there had been long and fierce debate on a lot of things. This week, with a chapter without too much worth debating, let’s put a stop to the debate, sit back and have some laugh over something very… stupid.

Hmm… I am not gonna make a reading report on the story, but would simply address some details I think worth attention. Yes, I said that this chapter doesn’t worth debating, but there are still some tiny details which, perhaps, need us to pay attention to.

What would people who had never read this manga think when they see this...?

Either Hata is so confident with Hina’s popularity that he thinks such fan-service would be widely accepted, or that he is afraid of Hina falling out of favour that he wanna “save” her with such fan-service. Or perhaps it is safer to say that, whenever Hata wants to make fun of a character other than Hayate, he has a great tendency to pick Hina…?

Hina already knew how to flip her new ears one second after she discovered them…

The donkey ears were extremely cute. Cat ears and rabbit ears may be a bit more popular, but perhaps this is the exact reason why Hata goes for donkey ears. Just how many girls you have seen with donkey ears, yet looks as cute as any other?

A new friendship…?

Have we ever seen Hina and Isumi talking to each other like this…? Perhaps not. In the past, these two girls were allies to the most, but they were never close friends. Isumi called Hina “Student Council President”, while Hina called Isumi “Saginomiya-san”, which shows just how distant they were. Perhaps things would change a bit now, as Hina has become the kind of “hero” Isumi fancies. I would love to see how their friendship blossom.

Why did you always think that Hayate would treat you like this, Hina…?

We have quite a few Hayate-Hina moments in this chapter, which, in my opinion, was the real “follow up” on the relationship between the two. Ch. 266 did not offer us a satisfactory answer. Would Hina believe in Hayate’s words that Athena dumped him? Would Hina feel awkward when she faces Hayate in the future? Thanks to Hata, we no longer need to play guessing games now, as the two of them have returned to what they used to be before the Golden Week…

Hmm… not exactly. If I read this chapter correctly, I saw some subtle changes. On Hina’s side, it was one of the few times that she did not rebuke Hayate’s compliment with an “Idiot!” response, possibly because she was finally overcoming her shyness. On the other hand, Hayate wasted no time thinking that Hina hated him. Perhaps he didn’t have the time to think, or perhaps he realized that, well, this was how their relationship worked. In any case, the two were doing quite fine. Perhaps it was not as romantic as we would want, but at least they were both happy. Good.

By the way, what was Hayate doing with the “Student Council documents”? Has he joined the Student Council? Or has Nagi? I think the latter was a bit more possible.

Not even the Shirosakura could defeat the Gundam…

Poor Shirosakura. The ultimate weapon of justice has now become the new toy of Hina. Well, if we were to take this setting seriously, Hina could now be considered the rightful owner of the Shirosakura. If there would be big fights in the future story, could we see Hina (without the hero suit, PLEASE!) and the Shirosakura in action?

By the way, while I think the Shirosakura suited Hina more (both in terms of names and style), I don’t like the idea that Hina swinging it around for comedy relief. After all, it was not wooden, and was more likely to cause injuries to people than the Wooden Masamune. Speaking of the Masamune, where was it now…?

It was not difficult for Hayate to believe in Hina’s story…

I still can’t figure out whether Hayate knows Hina was the hero that saved his neck. He had caught both Hina’s weapons with his bare hands, so he should have recognized these weapons were also used to fight King Midas. In Ch. 266 he thanked Hina for “all the times you’ve saved me on this trip”. Did those words include what happened in Athena’s mansion? Hina could not explain the curse thing properly without referring to King Midas, but she might simply say that it was a curse from nowhere, so… which one was the version Hayate heard? Well I hope that he did not know the truth for now, since the identity of the hero would be a great plotting device in Hina’s favour. I don’t want it to be spoilt now…

At the end of this “Extra Chapter”, we were told that the problem has not been solved. Well…? Should we take these words seriously? I mean, if what happened in an “Extra Chapter” could have an effect on the main story, then it was not an “Extra Chapter” any more! However, judging on what Hata said on his BS, perhaps it was true that the “Extra Chapter” was really a part of the plot…?

So, would we be seeing Hina wearing hat? Or her exposing her donkey ears from now on? Back in the final few chapters, we saw Nagi and Ayumu discussing the tale of ”The King’s Donkey Ears”. Now we have Hina bearing the curse, so… what would happen next…?

This “Extra Chapter” really answered some of my previous questions, but then it opens up even more questions. Typical Hata. That leaves us to wait for more answers to come in the future.

Oh yes, don’t forget what was priceless in this chapter…

Katsura Hinagiku, the new mascot of the Hanshin Tigers.

There was nothing wrong with a hat, but of all the hats in the world, why go for a cap…? Come on, Hina, you can do much better than this!

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